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"By the age of fourteen I pretty much

knew what I wanted to do..."

     Robert Carter was born in London, England in 1952,

and at an early age developed an interest in motorsports, Classic cars and motorcycles. He was always drawing bikes and cars in school, and at the age of fourteen pretty much knew that he wanted to pursue a career in art Robert was fortunate to be allowed to leave school on Thursdays to explore London's galleries and museums, mainly the Tate or National gallery. At fifteen, he finished school to begin an apprenticeship in a commercial art studio, learning the basics of lettering, airbrush and design.

     In 1971, Robert began working on a freelance basis for some advertising agencies that had Ford and Chrysler accounts. He came to the USA touring on a BSA motorcycle, and soon became involved in auto racing, from pinstriping cars to 25 foot murals on race trailers.Robert's works have been displayed in many automotive museums and can be found in many private collections. He has also been featured in automotive publications. He continues to be involved in racing and is a member of the Ishi chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America.

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